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junio 4, 2013

“Sonear, to fill the apparent emptiness of the real” is a project based in the transformation of the electromagnetic spectrum into sound, the emptiness that surround us is not silent, just wave lengths that we are not capable to perceive.

IF Marshal McLuhan could see me, I’m pretty sure he’d say :” when you surround people with electric information, the information overload is fantastic, the quantity of ambience information under electrical conditions is much bigger than the one of the pre-electric human, and only exists one natural response to this overload; the submission”

In this research these phenomena have been analyzed from several perspectives and points of view. The sound pieces in exhibition have been made with the recorded electromagnetic waves found in the daily spaces. There is also in exhibition a photographic eerie of the Wave Hunter. This character has been never seen, maybe because she’s as immaterial as the spectrum she chases.

Siguiendo con mis deseos de transformar todo en sonido, aqui esta creación.

Espectro sonoro de la cazadora de ondas. from Alejandra Bueno on Vimeo.

El poder de una imagen es muy grande, pero que decir del poder de una imagen que además suena?
Todo el audio que suena viene dado de la imagen.

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