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marzo 3, 2013

The forgottens


Internet offers us multiple didactic possibilities since day after day they add to the Network
new sites on the topics mas diverse, both traditional and superupdated. In both cases, we
are always to the search of opportunities for the resolution of problems and the creative

When finally you were thinking that you were not going to see more letters, you appear in
a house for which there have been hundreds of persons who remained registered in this
adress, and observe since gradually letters are coming with different issuers and recipients, the
majority adverstaisments and bills. My idea arises here, when I find a series of personal letters
directed always to the same person for more than 4 years. It makes me feel really intrigued
but I prefer supporting the privacy. By what my project consists of trying that these letters are
never opened.

top secret copia

TOP SECRET (Performance)

The performance objective is to eliminate each of the cards, because if they came at the hands of the recipient should not reach anyone. I have adopted the role of secret files scavenging. The best way to do it, burn them, reducing them to ashes even when the room next door want to call the police. Nobody has to read them. I am the first who is curious to open them, I got to know people, I imagined their lives and where they are now. I’m a mole in their lives trying to remind them and forget them at the same time.


“Secret Whispers” (What is life for you?) from Teckila Films on Vimeo.

this is a preview from a piece of work by Sergio M.Villar which will take part in the first Bristol Biennial,
like part of a project by the artist Seila Fernández Arconada
selected by the I Bristol Biennial, to be part of the event in June 2012 (Bristol, UK)

‘Secret whispers’ is an exhibition project by artists from all over the world to explore creation from misunderstandings and it is commissioned and curated
by the artist Seila Fernández Arconada

Rumors are tales and gossip, which mix with contemporary legends, often reflecting the fears and anxieties of society. This project explores how a message could be distorted through a thread of people, creating a common story, in order to explore the act of communal creation.

Each of the participating artists creates a video message in their mother tongue language, messages that connect the artists creating a narrative. In addition, they send a piece of work by post to be part of the exhibition too.

This project has been a collaboration between Chinese, Spanish, Italian, American, Colombian artists and many others from a wide range of countries. More than forty contributing artists are already waiting for the exhibition to see the final result of the work. This project selected by the I Bristol Biennial, to be part of the event in June 2012 (Bristol, UK). In addition, it will be part of a book to be published.

The forgottens

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